Deadline: 26th July, 2024

Diploma Programme

Diploma in Banking

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Certificate Level
Modules in
Diploma Level


The Diploma in Banking Programme (DIB) is a self-study programme that aims to supplement and expand knowledge of the banking profession. It is ideal for banking professionals and anyone interested in a career within the banking sector. The Programme’s content exposes students to the fundamentals of Banking Practice, as well as other topics that include Customer Service, Business Communication, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Information Technology.

DIB Programme graduates without CAPE/GCE Advanced Level passes  are also eligible for admission to the UWI St. Augustine to pursue any undergraduate degree in the Faculty of Social Sciences, including the BSc Banking and Finance. Graduates who maintained a B+ average throughout the programme are eligible for exemptions and credits within selected degree programmes.

The DIB Programme is offered at two levels:

  • Certificate Level
  • Diploma Level

Certificate Level must be completed prior to starting the Diploma Level.


The DIB Programme was developed for self-study and as such, classes are not offered by the IBF. However, If you prefer to access taught classes for the programme, please contact us for a list of our recommended tuition providers. 

The Certificate Level Comprises of 6 Modules

Customer Service and Business Communication

Introduction to Banking



Banking Law

Introduction to Lending and International Business

The Diploma Level Comprises of 8 Modules

Financial Analysis

Monetary and Financial Systems

Principles of Management

Banking Practice: Operations OR Banking Practice: Lending OR Finance of International Trade

Human Resource Management

Marketing Management

Financial Management

Information Technology

Who should do this programme?

The DIB programme is ideal for anyone with an interest in the Banking profession. However, it can be especially helpful for:

Persons without CAPE/GCE Advanced Level qualifications who want to pursue a university degree at the UWI

Support staff interested to advance knowledge of the Banking industry

Supervisors, team leaders, aspiring managers


Examinations are held twice per year over the course of one week in the months of April and September.

Please read our Response to the Corona Virus as it relates to upcoming examination sittings.

Benefits of the Programme

Gain admission to the UWI without Advanced Level qualifications

Obtain an industry-recognized professional qualification that can improve opportunities for career advancement

Increased technical knowledge of the Banking system and profession

Hear what these graduates have to say.


Candidates for the DIB Programme must meet the following entry requirements:

Five CXC/GCE Ordinary Level passes, including English Language and Mathematics or a Mathematics-related subject, Grades I or II (Grade III accepted from 1998)

Up-to-date IBF membership subscription

Payment Methods

Direct Deposit


Credit Card

Certified or Managers Cheques

* Personal Cheques and Cash is not accepted


Registration Deadline: 26th July, 2024

Examination Period: 28th Sept. –  21st Oct., 2024

To register for the Diploma in Banking Programme, please download, print and complete the following forms and return them to our office:

IBF Examination Registration Form

DIB Programme Application Form

IBF Membership Form

Complete payments of the registration, annual membership and examination fees must be received prior to registration for the Programme. 

Deadline: 26th July, 2024

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