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A-Z In Mortgage Financing Training Workshop

July 16 @ 8:30 am - July 17 @ 4:00 pm

Financing via a mortgage loan is considered to be one of the more secure avenues of retail lending from the lender’s perspective. The following topics will be covered in detail over two (2) days.

Day 1



This Banking Perspective Mortgage Training Workshop segment is specifically tailored to Credit Officers and other related Customer Service Officers in the Financial Services Sector who on a daily basis interact with clients requiring mortgage services.

The program covers the qualification requirements and the documentation necessary for mortgage loan processing. Participants will have the opportunity to assess those credit risk elements necessary for good lending decisions. They will also have exposure to those red flags and negative behaviours that lead to mortgage loan delinquency and the measures necessary is such management.

Matters such as Bridge Financing, other mortgage refinancing purposes, the Mortgage Market Reference Rate (MMRR) and its application will also be addressed.


  • Types / Purposes of Mortgages.
  • Required Documentation for Processing Mortgage Applications.
  • Qualifying Requirements and Credit Risk Considerations.
  • Post Loan Administration and Delinquency Management.
  • Special Consideration – Staff Mortgage Lending
  • Case Study Exercise and Discussion.


Day 2

The A-Z Legal Framework for Property & Mortgage Financing

This workshop segment, titled “The A-Z Legal Framework,” prepares participants to actively engage in understanding the legal implications of obtaining mortgage financing.

As a banker, a thorough understanding of the legal and procedural aspects of a mortgage is crucial. This added knowledge will equip you to confidently guide potential purchasers through one of the most important and daunting financial commitments they will ever make.

This program aims to assist banks, their officers, and customers in avoiding common pitfalls associated with these types of transactions. Topics will focus on the following areas:

  • Agreements for Sale

    • Deposit, Stakeholder, 90 Days
  • The Legal Framework for Purchase/Mortgage Transactions

    • Two existing systems of registration (Old Law / RPO)
    • Root of title searches / Certificates of Title / Judgments
    • Lis Pendens / Joint Tenancy vs. Tenancy in Common
    • Tenure – Freehold vs. Leasehold / Town and Country Planning Approvals
  • Fees and Stamp Duty

  • Deeds of Transfer / Assignment – “The Switch Mortgage”

  • Foreign Investment Act

    • Its scope, impact on lending to CARICOM Nationals, and effect on Tobago
  • A Comparison of Agreements for Sale and Share Sale Agreements

    • Vesting properties in and lending to “Holding” Companies with a consideration of the Income Tax implications
  • Requisitions

  • The Anatomy of a Deed of Mortgage

    • Mortgage vs. Amortized Mortgages
    • Upstamps vs. Second Mortgages
  • Completion and Execution of Deeds

    • (Practical challenges at closing)
  • Powers of Attorney

  • Undue Influence / Independent Legal Advice

  • Default and Mortgage Remedies

  • Release of Mortgages

Day 2: Valuer / Surveyor Perspective

Understanding a property valuation report is critical for sales, loan, and lending officers. The presentation will cover the following:

  • Explain the necessity of having a valuation.
  • List the documents required when ordering a valuation report.
  • Look at a checklist for ordering a Valuation Report.
  • Examine some of the factors that affect the value of a property and three (3) common approaches used to arrive at an opinion of value.
  • Delve into the information contained in a typical valuation and explain the importance of such information.
  • Explore when a Quantity Surveyor is needed and the role played by the Quantity Surveyor.
  • Demonstrate the difference between Cost and Value.


Date: 16th & 17th July, 2024
Cost: $3,200.00 plus VAT
Time: 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Reg. Deadline: 8th July, 2024
CPD Hours: 12
Venue: Level 1 Invader’s Bay, Off Audrey Jeffers Highway, Port of Spain

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July 16 @ 8:30 am
July 17 @ 4:00 pm